Welcome to Kids In All Policies

Welcome to my nascent website/blog! My goal with this website is to lead conversations about the well-being of children in public policy decisions. I have been thinking about doing this kind of thing for some time, but now feel spurred to action by the Trump administration's early and aggressive assault on our children's future, starting with climate change denial and repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

I will attempt to document most policy actions and my immediate impressions of their impact on children in real-time (i.e. within a week) as I truly believe that virtually every action affects kids. I also want to keep a record - for me, and for the world - of everything President Trump and the Congress do to harm children to serve as a guide for rapid reversal of those policies when Trump is no longer in office. Meanwhile, with any luck, by increasing scrutiny on the administration and Congress, we can decrease the harm that is done and maybe even do some good. As I have time, I will circle back to policy issues with more in-depth thought and analysis.

A disclaimer: I am a fairly well-informed citizen and pediatrician with public health training. I am not a policy expert and I certainly have areas of strength (health policy) and areas of weakness (international trade, for example). I will be reading and listening and learning as I go. Finally, all content and opinions on this website are my own, unless otherwise cited.

Thank you for reading this blog. I welcome polite comments, discussion, and suggestions.